Green thinking & innovative waste management technology for a brighter future

Sustainability and responsibility are the two principles that guide our recycling and waste management innovations.

Where many see a landfill or a pile of plasterboard, we see an opportunity. We applied our fresh thinking to become Victoria’s first and only plasterboard recycler, turning the material into useful products, and to redevelop a large Melbourne landfill for commercial use.

Our waste transport service makes waste management easier for Melbourne businesses of all sizes – reducing your impact on the environment, while minimising stress and cost.

Imagine a world where recycled resources far outnumber waste in our landfills. Where construction sites are waste-free and eco-friendly, with sustainability as the priority.

At Sunshine Groupe our mission is to lead the way to this world.


Our Vision

“We believe that through fresh thinking and innovative technology, waste can be transformed into valuable resources. We achieve this by challenging conventional waste practices and creating new and innovative recycling technologies.”

Sunshine Groupe CEO, Tom Buxton.