We turn waste into value and problems into solutions. We deliver our services using innovative technologies to recycle waste into valuable, usable resources.


Landfill Redevelopment

Turning disused landfills into valuable commercial land.

Once landfills have completed their active lives they’re often filled and sealed then underused for decades. Sunshine Groupe believe there’s a greener, smarter way.

That’s why we recently undertook an ambitious project to rehabilitate a landfill in Melbourne, recycle the waste in the landfill and return the land to its valuable best. To do this Sunshine Groupe are:

  • Spending several years reprocessing the landfill’s contents to extract as much recyclable waste as possible and converting it into valuable products and resources. This will save several tonnes of waste from landfill and reduce the site’s impact on the environment.
  • Next our experts are rehabilitating the land to make sure it’s safe to use for decades to come.
  • Last of all we will prepare the site for redevelopment and commercial building, most likely as an industrial site.

While we are undertaking this ambitious project we have two priorities. To meet and exceed all compliance requirements, and to respect the surrounding community by ensuring that we don’t affect the enjoyment of their neighbourhood in any way.

Sunshine Groupe now offers its considerable expertise as consultant on landfill redevelopment projects – helping manage the process from compliance to completion. 

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Plasterboard Recycling

Victoria’s first and only plasterboard recycler.

Plasterboard breaks down the clay that lines landfills and can cause them to become structurally unsound and even leach into the surrounding earth. Despite that, construction projects all over Victoria used to send thousands of tonnes of plasterboard to landfill.

We knew there was a better way. In 2010 we applied new, innovative processes and technologies to become Victoria’s only plasterboard recycler. Now Sunshine Groupe has diverted thousands of tonnes of plasterboard from landfill and converted it into products such as:

  • Animal Bedding.
  • An absorbent in chemical treatment processes.
  • Agricultural products.

This service helps our clients reduce the impact of their projects on the environment. Recycle with us and we can help you meet building obligations and achieve a five-star Green Building rating by offering transparent reporting and best-practice certification. This isn’t just the right thing to do, it adds value to construction projects and developments by improving their sustainability credentials – which are increasingly a priority for buyers.

What’s more, this service is not only easier for businesses. It’s better for the environment rather than sending waste to landfill. In fact, in many cases recycling with Sunshine Groupe is also more affordable and easier.

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Waste Transport

Waste transport can be costly and time consuming. It needn’t be. 

Sunshine Groupe’s commercial and industrial waste transport service makes waste transport easy, handling all your inert waste and EPA prescribed waste transport needs. Don’t waste your time hiring trucks and calling multiple providers – we can arrange everything, from skip bins to transport and recycling or disposal. We guarantee our service is:

We collect and transport the following materials:

  • Fast and flexible: call us and we’ll be there right away.
  • Clean and green: we can help you recycle as much of your waste as possible.
  • Easier than our competitors: no hassles, just solutions.
  • Backed by experience: our drivers and waste management experts are experienced experts.

Our convenient location just 10km from Melbourne CBD enables us to offer fast service to businesses all over the city and reduce our carbon footprint by travelling less. Call our team of experts and we’ll provide advice on the right bin for your needs to ensure easy, stress-free collection of your waste.

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