For decades Sunshine Groupe has been innovating and applying new technologies to find more sustainable, affordable ways to manage waste.

Why we’re different

  • Our dual weighbridge and nearby tipping and pickup points enable fast turnaround.
  • We make waste management easier, managing transport, recycling and disposal from end to end.
  • We take our responsibility to recycle seriously and have decades of experience extracting valuable resources from waste.
  • We offer genuine recycling certification for your Green Star accreditation.
  • With Sunshine Groupe you’ll have one point of contact for waste management. No need to deal with multiple suppliers.
  • Our experts will provide actionable advice on the most cost-effective, environmentally sound ways to manage your waste.

Respect for the environment is the foundation of our business

We’re serious about sustainability. That’s what makes us different and it’s why we’ve been leaders in waste management and recycling for over eighty years. Over that time we’ve earned a reputation for green business practices and ethical excellence.

Achieve your Green Star rating With Sunshine Groupe

A Green Star rating is the ultimate accreditation of any building’s sustainability credentials. We are proud to be able to assist our customers achieve their 5 or 6-star Green Star rating and meet other environmental obligations by providing the necessary documentation when they recycle with us.


Green innovation: How we’re pioneering a more sustainable Australia

To keep Australia green and secure a bright future for our children we need to find more sustainable ways to manage our waste. We need to reduce the waste we send to landfill and find new ways to recycle.That’s why innovation and continuous improvement is a driving force behind our business.

Since our business started we’ve been thinking outside the box. We’re the first and only plasterboard recycler in Victoria and we’re constantly searching for new technology that will enable us to recycle new waste types.

Our team shares our passion for better environmental outcomes and innovation, and their expertise allows us to constantly do better. We go the extra mile to help our customers turn their waste into resources, save money and make waste management easier.