We believe that through changed thinking, waste can be transformed into valuable resources. We achieve this by challenging conventional waste practices and utilising new and innovative technologies to recycle waste.

Our Beliefs

We understand that managing waste is complicated and solutions around its safe removal, transport, toxicity and recyclability can be costly and complex.

Our expertise in the sector ensures we offer end-to-end solutions tailored to a range of waste scenarios, whether it involves a one-off project solution or a complete waste and recycling strategy to support your business needs.

Not only do we have the knowledge and experience to create a positive waste outcome for your business, but also our best-practice solutions focused on minimising the environmental impact of waste management means you can be reassured you are working with an ethical and environmentally responsible service provider.

Business Vision

“We seek to provide a total waste management solution to our customers using the most innovative technology to recycle and manage their waste, reducing their time, stress and costs for waste transport and disposal.”

At Sunshine Groupe, we are not a multinational focused purely on profit at the expense of all else. Founded in 1926, our family-owned business has spanned five generations of experience and passion.

We have been proud and active members of the local community for over 80 years, and through innovation and community consultation, have continued to evolve and advance our technology to not only protect, but regenerate our precious planet.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, what benefits the earth and what harms it. And it’s that understanding and respect of our local environment that drives us towards continuous evolving and improving waste and recycling practices.

Whether it is a small-scale waste solution such as skip bin hire, or a large-scale waste removal project, we treat each service offered with the same question: How is this impacting our environment and what is the recycling strategy required to cause the least environmental impact? Our answer is the best-practice solution for your needs.


Our People

Vision for Our People and Workplace

“We cannot build a perfect world, but we must strive as a group, and as individuals, to create a better workplace where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a safe, positive and empowering environment where both businesses and individuals can seek to be their best.”